Yoga Advising from Detroit Bikram

To Experience Maximum Health Benefits From Bikram Yoga,
the More YOU Practice, the Better...
YOU Are Encouraged To Attend 3 to 5 Classes Per Week

First Timers

We are so happy you have decided to join us!

Bikram Yoga will quickly change your body and your life! You will lose weight, prevent injuries, improve your strength and flexibility, de-stress, detox, sleep better, and feel overall incredible! To get these benefits it's recommended that you practice 3 to 5 times per week.

If you feel a little uncertain or nervous about starting, no problem, rest assured that many people feel that way initially. Just don't let it stop you from coming to class. Bikram designed this class for beginners, so know that with a little practice and experience, you'll quickly feel right at home.

The teacher gives verbal instructions the entire class, so you don't need any prior experience. Just follow along the best you can. It's very important that as a beginning yoga student you don't compare yourself to anyone else in the room, and that you listen to your body first, which means it's okay to stop if you feel the need to take a break, sit down and rest, skip postures, drink water when needed, etc.

The majority of beginning Bikram Yoga students take about 5 to 10 classes before they really start to understand and appreciate what is going on during the class, including how to hydrate properly, how to pace themselves during class etc. It is essential as a new student you are very patient with yourself the first few weeks!

Remember, everyone in the room has experienced their own first Bikram Yoga class, even the people on the front row who have been coming for years. They make it look easy because they persevered, and you can too. Just pick a convenient time and location and come to class as quickly as you can.


Tips to Prepare For Class

Getting to Class: Arrive early before the class starts, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early. Yoga students will not be admitted to class late. There are essential instructions for new students at the start of the class, also the very first breathing exercise is essential to the Bikram Yoga series.

Water: Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you arrive to class already well hydrated. Come to class ready to sweat! Good hydration supports the healthy function of all of your body's systems, and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming. For more information about hydration, check out our recent blog article "Hydration Is A Lifestyle" here.

Eating: Practicing Bikram Yoga requires energy, and food is energy for the body. However if you come to class with a full stomach, it could be very uncomfortable. Here are some general guidelines on eating before class: if you attend afternoon or evening yoga class, leave about 2 to 3 hours of time between your last large meal and your class. If you attend a morning yoga class, it can be very helpful to have some food-calories in your body, so don't skip breakfast completely! Try having some fruit or toast (something that digests easily) an hour or so before class. These are general guidelines only, please talk to your Bikram teacher in the lobby if you have specific questions on this topic.

Wear clothes that will be comfortable in a hot sweaty room.

What To Bring: Bring a yoga mat, large towel, and water to class. If you forget these items or don't have them, you can rent a yoga mat for $1, and purchase a towel for $3. A yoga mat and a towel are required for class. Yoga mats, specialty yoga towels, water and sports drinks are also available for purchase in the lobby.


New to Yoga?

Yoga Advising at Detroit Bikram

New Student Special - 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga $49As a New Student to our studio, take advantage of our amazing Introductory 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga.

About the cost of 3 single classes! Beginners are welcome at any class time on our schedule.

Please arrive 15-20 minute early, hydrated and ready to sweat! You qualify as 'New' if you have not attended classes in 6 months at either location. Michigan residents only.

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