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This page features our awesome team of Certified Teachers! Everyone on our Team is committed to YOU getting the most out of your yoga experience. Yes, we want you to have a good practice, but more important we want you to have a great life! Believing in yourself. Improving your health. Enjoying peace of mind. Having enough positive energy to enjoy your life and uplift the people around you. These results come from a regular yoga practice, 3-5 times a week. Join us for class today at our Farmington Hills or Troy locations!

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Studio Owner/Director: Some call her the 'Yoga Whisperer', because Jenny commands the yoga room with no more than a breath. You will find yourself going deeper into your postures than ever before, hardly knowing how you got there. Don't be surprised if you leave class feeling uplifted and with an open heart, moved by one of Jenny's stories of life and spirituality woven seamlessly into her class.
On her yoga practice today Jenny comments, "This yoga makes me a better mom, more patient, loving, caring. Physically it's helped so much with recovery from a challenging pregnancy and birth. Carrying a toddler around and picking up after him all day puts a lot of strain on my back. This yoga moves stagnant energy and puts things back in order. I love how this yoga gives you the power to take your health into your own hands".
Jenny's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2000, Los Angeles 
Studio Owner/Director: Ian is  dedicated to being of service to others through teaching Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, and Vision Coaching. In 2009, at 34 years old, life took Ian out-of-commission for a year and a half, the result of mis-diagnosed appendicitis with severe complications. The surgeons told him he was lucky to be alive. During his recovery, Ian spent countless hours considering what is really important in life, and how to help others get that lesson.
“What I want for you is to know your Self, to know your purpose, and to love your life. Life is a precious gift. Let's enjoy it while we are here, and help others along the way."
Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification Spring 2002. Sivananda Yoga Teacher Certification 2003. Transcendental Meditation Teacher Certification 2009. Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Leadership Training, in process.
Erika's class will leave you wanting more... more yoga, and more time to learn from her depth of knowledge. Her genuine nature will knock you over, right from the moment you walk into the studio. Once Erika learns your name, she knows it for life! In class, her easy going sense of humor will make you laugh. Her seasoned teaching ability maintains a balance of trust and support, even if you feel pushed to your limits. Her class will remind you that you are OK... you are enough... exactly as you are. 
"From my very first Bikram Yoga class I felt right at home" Erika says, "Practicing yoga feels like coming home to myself."
Erika's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Fall 2001
In the same way yoga can be seen as a vehicle for unification through the balance of opposing forces, Gavin's approach to teaching is at times devotional and at others irreverent. You're likely to experience sprinklings of pre & post classical yogic philosophy, along with moments of mindful silence for personal introspection. Gavin has a knack for bridging the chasm between austere singular attentiveness and nonsensical silliness. His love for the practice shows in his ability to relay verbal and visual guidance in an accessible way to both new and seasoned practitioners, so you experience the next level of kinesthetic awareness and depth.
Gavin remarks "Presently, when I miss a practice, for whatever reason, I just don't feel quite myself. Practice allows me to destress from my work and my day, and lets me be more open and receptive to what comes my way."
Gavin's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Fall 2003, Los Angeles
When preparing for Erica's class, hydrate extra-well, and bring your A-game. Her class will challenge you from setup to change in each posture. You will learn how to fine-tune your postures, physically and mentally, as if you paid for a Master's Posture Clinic each time. She will never leave you short changed and you'll learn something new each class. When you leave, you will know that you have accomplished something wonderful for yourself and that will carry with you all day.
"I practice Bikram Yoga because it keeps me healthy, strong and focused", Erica says. "This is the only place I can enjoy 90 minutes to myself, to meditate, to heal my body and mind."
Erica's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2006, Los Angeles
Originally from Denver, Colorado, Hilary studied classical and modern dance. She has always felt that connection with one’s body is as spiritual as it is physical. In 2005, she discovered Bikram yoga in New York and found that in addition to feeling great after class, she gained stamina and focus in daily life. In 2006, she became a Bikram certified teacher. She has taught in Bikram yoga studios around the world, including the United States, the Philippines, U.A.E., Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Spain and France.
She hopes to pass on the experience of mental and emotional well-being along with personal development through the repetition of yoga postures. Her passion for teaching grows stronger as she learns from students and witnesses their successes through this practice.
In Jen's class you will tap into inner strength that you didn't know you had. From the moment she enters the room you can sense Jen's strong confidence and you can borrow from it throughout the 90 minutes. Even if you walked in to the studio feeling defeated, torn down, or like giving up, you will leave the studio with boosted self-confidence and and new found inner-strength.
"I love group exercise and love to try new classes. My schedule is a revolving door of fitness activities", Jen remarks "However, Bikram Yoga never goes off my rotation. It stays constant for me, because it delivers more than physical well-being. Bikram Yoga always leaves me with a feeling of mental well-being."
Jen's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2009, Palm Desert
You will feel welcomed, nurtured, and loved in Yvonne's presence. In her class, she creates a safe and non-competative environment. You will be encouraged to work hard and to relax deeply. Yvonne's smile comes through crystal clear and gives you a sense of pure bliss. Her joy is infectious. You will get the big picture of yoga from Yvonne, she brings years of yoga experience as one of the first people in Michigan to start Bikram Yoga in the mid 1990's.
Yvonne comments on her own Bikram Yoga practice, "Early on, this yoga helped me with stress relief as well as hip stiffness. Through the years I use this yoga to help maintain life balance, both on and off the mat."
Yvonne's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2009, Palm Desert
Katie has a way of making you want it, whatever that "it" might be you're striving for. Whether it's working on your balance in Standing Bow or seeing the back wall in a Backbend, Katie will kindly push you to the limit. You may grunt at her during class, but you'll smile on your way out the door.
"I fell in love at the first camel and never looked back! This yoga helps keep me grounded and more level headed. I am a better person with a consistent Bikram Yoga practice."
Katie's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Spring 2009, Palm Desert
At 65 years young, Frances is affectionately known as the "Grandma" of the studio. She makes you feel like family. In her class you will feel nurtured and confidently taken care of. Her tender heart and steady voice belies the toughness of her class. Many a student will attest to the healing nature of her Friday night class, a mellow and fitting end to a long work week.

Asked about her practice, Frances says "I take inspiration from our students, and really listen to my body each time I practice. As we get older, maintaining balance, strength, and flexibility in the body and mind is so important for the Golden Years. These postures offer us a chance to live a long and healthy life. A regular practice can actually slow down the aging process!". 

Frances' Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Fall 2009, Las Vegas
When Susanne's class begins, you will feel an immediate sense of calm, as if everything is right with the world. Susanne is all love. Her soothing voice, loving demeanor, and relaxed presence will help you stay focused and use your breath, even on your most stressful days. 
"It's my sincere hope that everyone leaves my class feeling positive in some way," says Susanne. "From my own practice, I feel like a better version of myself. One of my favorite parts about teaching is seeing how this yoga creates growth in others. There is a deep healing that goes on, from inside out, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's a constant affirmation of how this yoga works on so many levels."
Susanne's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Fall 2009, Las Vegas
"Benefits of Yoga 101" is the College course equivalent you will get from  Carrie's class, although you won't fall asleep on your desk! Don't bother taking any notes either, your attention will be totally focused on Carrie's steady and challenging delivery of the postures. You may discover for yourself why her admirers call her the "Velvet Hammer". As you sweat and strengthen and stretch through class, you will be motivated to come back for more, based on your newfound appreciation of how this yoga works on your body.
Carrie comments, "I started this yoga because of my lack of flexibility, the heat helped so much. I stick with this because of the incredible impact it has on my health and well-being. As a teacher it's a joy to see the profound and individualized effect this practice has on every body."
Carrie's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification - Fall 2010, San Diego
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