Studio Etiquette at Detroit Bikram

Be Kind. Pay Attention.
Respect Yourself & Your Environment.

Before Class

Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you arrive well hydrated - this is very important!

Classes start on time. Please arrive early enough to setup in the yoga room several minutes before class starts.

First timers should arrive 15-20 minutes before class starts.

Class starts on time, no late-admittance.

Classes are 90 minutes, plan to stay for the full class.

Leave your shoes in the designated areas in the lobby.

Bring only what you need into the yoga room including your mat, towel, and water.

No cell phones, chewing gum, shoes, flip flops, or socks in the yoga room.

Respect the silence in the yoga room before and after class.

During Class

Enjoy yourself!! This is a life-changing practice. It is challenging, but can also be a lot of fun!

Be a good role model. Practice your stillness and discipline between the poses.

Notice if you are in front of a beginner. They will follow you.

It's okay to take a break any time by standing still or sitting down during the standing series, or lay down on your back during the floor series. Rest as long as you need to, then join the class again when you feel better.

Listen to your body first... meaning if you feel the need to rest, take water or electrolytes, then do so! There is no pressure to be competitive or do every posture. Don't push beyond your limits, and you will find this practice an enjoyable challenge.

A yoga mat and towel are required for everyone in class.

If you do not have a mat or towel, mats can be rented and towels can be purchased in lobby.

If you have a combination yoga mat-towel (i.e. Breathe Mat), please use a standard yoga mat underneath, if you sweat enough to fully saturate the yoga mat-towel.

Please be kind and adjust your mat to allow others space to practice.

If you bring tissue into the yoga room, keep the clean and used tissue on your mat.

Follow along with the teacher and try your best in each posture.

If you think you can't do a posture, simply set up the alignment according to the instruction, don't worry about flexibility and depth, those qualities develop with time.

After Class

Respect the silence in the yoga room.

Be careful not to disturb the people around you as you exit.

Please respect our studio by helping to keep it clean, it's your space!

If your mat and towel are fully saturated with sweat, place them immediately in a re-usable plastic bag, so your items do not create puddles on our floors, benches or counters.

If there is a crowd in the changing rooms, please limit your shower time to 2 minutes.

Don't forget to bring home all of your personal items.

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