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Julie Finds Relief From Chronic Pain

I came out of the hospital on Vicodin, OxyContin and Morphine, along with nerve pain killers and a whole bunch more. I honestly don’t remember coming home. Medication might help with the pain but it is no quality of life. I was struggling emotionally and physically trying get off the pain meds. Now after 1 year of Bikram Yoga, I rarely take pain meds for my back now. All I have is a weekly pain patch. The pain patch is still necessary, at the moment, but because I have built so much core strength by practicing Bikram, I am starting to work with my doctor to get off the pain patch. I am living a normal life again. I can vacuum my house, cook on my feet for hours, (I love to cook, so this is great! I couldn’t do household chores or grocery shop for big items without help, I now can do these things again by myself, which is AWESOME, since I am single and live alone (lol). Read More


Student Spotlight: Jon and Lori Witz

This article features husband and wife team Jon and Lori Witz. You will find these 2 yogis attending Bikram classes at the Troy studio, often next to each other in class. Their humor, positive energy, and support they have for each other and their fellow yoga students is really something special. Jon and Lori are master organizers and naturally create fun and community wherever they go. One example is their support in creating "Bikram Yoga On The River" during the Detroit Riverfront Festival this June! 400 people attended from across the state and it was truly a great event. Thank you Jon and Lori for being such an inspiring couple, and for being such a positive contribution to our yoga family! Read More


Student Spotlight: Bikram Buddies Stacy and Michael

... The main message that these Bikram buddies have to share is... don’t ever give up - ever! If you are new, keep coming, it gets easier. If you’re having a bad day, it will be better after class. Just find the time to go to class and just like everything else in life the more you practice the better you will get, just keep coming to class!... Read More


Why Yoga Friends Are Important. Student Spotlight: Amy & Erika

It takes a true friend to bring you to your first Bikram Yoga class, and encourage you to stick with it, even though you might hate it and think it's not for you. For people who choose to not give up and come back to their 2nd class, they often never look back and life changes for the better in so many ways. This month we feature Amy Kennedy and Erika Puszczewicz, an inspiring duo who are a great example of friends who encourage and support each other. Amy is a mother of 5 children, Erika is mother of 3 children, and they find the time to do their 90 minute Bikram Yoga class many times a week, often standing next to each other in class. You will find them at the Troy studio, most of the time with smiles on their faces. Read More


365 Days of Yoga! Student Spotlight: Rita Dimick

"I no longer need Excedrine. I no longer wake up with headaches and swollen feet as before. I am not going to the chiropractor. With daily yoga, I find my body loosens up more than it did when I was only coming 2 or 3 times a week. Most recently I have noticed more relief in my neck. Some days I can actually drop my head back." ~ Rita Dimick, Detroit Bikram Student Spotlight May 2015 Read More