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A Real Yoga Story... Don't Give Up!

This interview features Ana Cappell, a yoga student at our Troy location. Ana has experienced wonderful life changing benefits from Bikram Yoga over the years in many ways. Thank you Ana for sharing your story! We love that you and Charles are a part of this community. 

Why did you start Bikram Yoga?

I was invited by a friend who had just started Bikram Yoga. She told me that this was like no other Yoga class, it was very hot in the room and the poses were different than she ever experienced. So I did attend the next class. She also told me that you sweat from the time you walk into class, and I thought this is something I was missing from my workouts.
What benefits you get in your life from yoga? 
Bikram Yoga has changed my life in many ways. It has helped me get over the daily life stresses, having anxiety, and pains in areas of my body (back, hands, joints and neck). I have never been able to sleep well until I started going to Bikram Yoga on a regular basis. Bikram Yoga has also change the way I deal with situations, I feel more calm when issues come up in life that are out of my control. This is something that running, dancing, karate, gymnastics, aerobics, or weight training hasn't been able to do.
Do you have any encouragement for beginners? 
DON’T GIVE UP!! The first few classes are going to be very intense as your body will not be use to the heat but after a few times this will get easier and easier. After you get past this point you will start to realize all the benefits of Bikram. This has changed my life 100%. I now enjoy a stronger mind, body, and less aches and pains. I have also noticed that my body feels less toxic after class. As far as the staff they very helpful and keep the facility very clean.
Do you have anything else you'd like to share? 
I have met with so many great people. A little over two years ago I met a man in class. We began to practice together almost every day. This was something that we enjoyed doing together. Today we are married and still practicing as a couple. This is something that we would encourage for all couples.
~ Ana Cappell (with husband Charles, both regular students at our Troy location)

Ana Charles