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Still Seeking Perfection in Your Yoga Practice? It Doesn't Exist.

How many times have you experienced the thought, “My life would be perfect if only…”, followed by what could be any number of things:

> money would start flowing my way
> the pain in my knee would stop
> my job weren’t such a drag
> I had better abs/chiseled features/the ability to get both feet behind my head

If you have this thought regularly, then you’ve probably developed your own list of items. On the other hand, if this thought rarely crosses your mind and you’re lacking any such list, then congratulations are in order.


Because if you think about it, how can your life ever be perfect if perfection is dictated by an ever-changing list of things that need to change?

Push the notion of perfection aside for a moment and think about your yoga practice.

Now think about your nemesis pose. Yeah, that one. You know, the one that skews your face, makes you grit your teeth and challenges you to the core of your being. No matter how many times you do it, you can’t catch the bind, or get your head to your knee, or ever resemble anything close to the cover of Yoga Journal. You may even be thinking, if only that pose would just disappear, I’d have the perfect practice. 

But it won’t. And even if it did, you’d soon find something else blocking your path to perfection.

So what do those who have no list understand about perfection - That it’s a myth? Or something that’s just wildly elusive? They may understand this:

A deeper yoga practice allows us to move into a space where embracing our imperfection becomes perfection.

See, it’s not perfection itself that’s the problem. It’s your notion that it’s the end-all, be-all goal to ease and happiness.

When you are able to “get out of your head” and start accessing the deeper truth that you’re perfect in your imperfection though, you realize that catching the bind or getting your head to your knee isn’t going to bring you enlightenment.


Yet obsessing about it could bring you an injury.

And unless you’re constantly accompanied by a professional photographer with killer airbrushing skills, you can forget the whole cover of Yoga Journal noise. That sort of perfection IS a myth.

I have had the distinct fortune of working with and befriending several families in the special needs community. In my experience, I’ve yet to find any place where the embracing of imperfection is more poignant or beautiful than there. It is truly yoga in action.

But practicing yoga in a studio space offers a similar experience.

Next time you come to practice in Troy or Farmington Hills, set an intention to truly notice all of the different people from their many walks of life. (Yourself included.) There is no other person in the room exactly like you. And there are many who are even vastly different from you. So how could any single one of them (or you) be perfect then?

Each of us is our own unique and… yeah, perfect… expression of life. Our own lives.

And how fortunate! Because each of comes to the mat with a different set of experiences, qualities, challenges and stories. These are the things that make us who we are.

All of us perfect in our imperfection.

~ Steph Ruopp

BIO: Like many before her, Steph Ruopp is a human. In her title of human, she serves as a writer, yoga instructor, educator, special needs caregiver, nanny and dog walker. She’s been around long enough to start a phrase with the words, “Thirty years ago I,” and finish the phrase with something that happened in her adult life. So she’s seen some things. And she’s done some things. You can find more at her blog