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Bikram Yoga & No Sugar, January 2016 Challenge

Attention Yoga Family... we are excited to announce our 
first ever 'combined' yoga challenge, starting on January 1st, 2016.


1... commit to at least 4 Bikram Yoga classes a week over 30 consecutive days, sign up by Jan 15th
2... commit to Nadia's 30 Day No Sugar program in the same time frame (see link below).
3... track the results you see in your life, we want to celebrate your progress at the end of your 30 days. 



Bikram Yoga practiced 4x or more a week will in summary, make you feel like you want to jump over tall buildings. Not only can you expect steady transformation with your strength and flexibility in the hot yoga room, but you can also expect accelerated benefits in your life, such as

- Feeling years younger in your mind and body
- Stress reduction
- Sleep like a baby
- Digest your food better
- Have more energy
- More flexibility and strength
- Recovery from old injuries
- Huge improvement in any other athletic training you do

Sugar, it's so delicious, right? Actually it's more addictive than cocaine, and big food industry knows it and profits from our ignorance. The down side of a sugar-consumed culture... it's related to feeding inflammation in our cells, suppressing immunity, increasing risk of cancer, leads to gastrointestinal problems, causes reactive hypoglycemia, interferes with absorption of protein, causes food allergies, hampers weight loss, increases cholesterol, accelerates the aging process, increases anxiety and make you moody, complicates ADD, ADHD, and spectrum-related issues, and weakens eyesight?

We want you to create a NEW lifelong healthy eating habit that has little to no reliance on sugar. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect with a month of no sugar...

- Glowing skin
- Less bloat
- Better sleep
- Improved sex drive
- No more bags under the eyes
- Stabilized blood sugar... which means less cravings
- Weight loss
- Less cellulite


STEP 1)   Put your name on the sign up clipboard at the studio desk by January 15th, 2016. You will want Unlimited Yoga so you can easily do your 4 classes per week minimum. If you don't already have an Unlimited Membership, you can put your Classpack on hold, and purchase One Month Unlimited at the special price of $99 ($60 OFF the normal One Month Unlimited $159). 

BUY NOW  One Month Unlimited For $99... Use Promo Code YOGANOSUGAR

STEP 2)   Sign Up For health coach Nadia's 30 Day No Sugar Program. The cost is $20 and you will have LOTS of support over the month! You will get an eBook from Nadia with all the information you need including tips, recipes, inspiration about why this one of the BEST things you can do for yourself. You will also be invited to Nadia's Facebook page so you can communicate with her and other participants.

BUY NOW  30 Day No Sugar Program For $20... 

BONUS...  everyone who purchases the 30 Day No Sugar program will get a complimentary $25 Gift Certificate to use towards at treatment at Spa Mariana in Birmingham when you signup for the 30 Day No Sugar Program with Nadia. 

If you have any questions, email us!

Yoga Challenge & Membership questions to Ian...
Sugar & Health Coaching questions to Nadia...

Wishing you all the BEST in 2016
Ian & Nadia

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