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Student Spotlight: Bikram Buddies Stacy and Michael

A continuous circle of motivation, inspiration and lots of fun!

We have all been there - trying to convince our friends to join us for a 90 minute class of sweaty awesomeness that we refer to as Bikram Yoga! And we are mostly greeted with the same response reel of “OMG that’s too hot” or one of the favorites “I’m not flexible,” so when we actually convince a friend to join us for class it is super exciting! That is exactly how Stacy Rosati felt when her massage therapist Michael Holmes finally decided to join her for a class, after she had talked about her love for Bikram Yoga for the past 2 1/2 years with him!

What is truly unique about this friendship is that Michael had been urging Stacy to exercise more, and this is what led her into her Bikram Yoga practice! Lets go back to when Stacy was receiving massages from Michael for her tension headaches. Her neck and shoulders were wound up like tight ropes from her stressful work days in finance. While Michael would talk a lot about stretching during their massage sessions, he also would get tough on her to exercise more. Stacy even told him, “Michael, the reason I came to see you was because you were blind and you couldn’t see how my body looked.” he quickly replied, “I am blind, but, I can still feel how your body feels so now go exercise!” 

Michael & Stacy - ready for another yoga class together

Stacy feels calmer as a result of her dedication to her Bikram yoga practice. She also has increased her flexibility, lost her baby weight and as a result of 4 years of yoga she can look in the mirror whereas before she couldn't stand the mirror. If you have been around the studio when Stacy has been to class you are SURE to have spoken to her. Teacher Michelle Hewitt comments, “Stacy is the single most upbeat person I have ever met. She has a smile for everyone and exudes kindness.”  Many teachers feel the level of vibration in the room increase when Stacy is present. She is the perfect example of a person who decides and chooses to be happy, to smile and love.

As a runner Michael is so grateful he has found this yoga practice and wishes (just like all of us do) that he would have started sooner! Stacy said that “He is so excited about going to class, he will call me all the time to see when I am able to take him to class. I’ve never witnessed someone get SO excited about this yoga!” Bikram Yoga has helped him increase his cross training, overall flexibility and he feels better then he ever has even as he approaches his 60th birthday. Stacy and Michael love their car rides together to and from the studio where they get to talk about the poses and of course share lots of laughs! Stacy acts as Michaels “eyes” in a sense by trying to explain the postures to him more in depth.

Stacy and Michael in Camel Pose

People always tell her how good it is that she helps Michael, but truly Michael helps her by motivating her to try and get stronger and be a better person. Michael has a positive attitude on life and never lets his disability get in his way. The teachers love when Michael is in class because as Dayne Laycy expresses so perfectly “I am challenged to give care to each word that comes out of my mouth when teaching the class." All the teachers agree that it is so inspiring to see a student so tuned in to the class with no visual input, forcing him to really listen to the instructions.

The main message that these Bikram buddies have to share is... don’t ever give up - ever! If you are new, keep coming, it gets easier. If you’re having a bad day, it will be better after class. Just find the time to go to class and just like everything else in life the more you practice the better you will get, just keep coming to class!

Michael & Stacy - after class smiles