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365 Days of Yoga! Student Spotlight: Rita Dimick

You never know how your actions will inspire others, especially when it comes to matters like Bikram Yoga. Take Rita Dimick for example. She was inspired by her fellow students, and turned her personal 30 Day Yoga Challenge into 365 Day Yoga Challenge! 

Yes... a year of Bikram yoga!

What originally brought Rita to Bikram Yoga in November 2011 was a loonnnnnggggg list of health problems, and her sister told her that this was the cure all! Some of these health problems Rita suffered from you can probably relate to: food allergies, inflammation of joints, a daily morning headache which if she didn’t take Excedrin would turn into a migraine, Scleroderma (hardening of the skin), and Raynaud's Syndrome, which causes her fingers and toes to turn blue or purple and go numb when cold.

Rita never planned on doing a 30 Day Challenge, but realized that she could when she heard she could do a double (2 classes in 1 day) to make up for missing yoga on the Sabbath. In March 2014, she started her first 30 day challenge which was cut short due to a pulled lower back from lifting a heavy book bag. On April 27th, Rita nervously re-started the 30 day challenge - 30 classes in 30 days. Thirty became 60, then 100, 200, and now 365 days later she completed her goal on April 26!!!

This is a major accomplishment considering she already knew at the beginning that she would have to make up 1 class a week. Rita didn’t start out with a 365 day challenge but it was always in the back of her mind. It was through the inspiration of other students and challengers that led her to a whole year of yoga, in particular Rita was inspired to continue daily yoga when she happened to be in fellow student James Torres' 100th class of his 100 Day Challenge!   

Rita Spine Twist
Rita in Spine Twist Pose

And no, it wasn’t always easy. Of course there were days that Rita would have rather stayed home, but she still went to class. She remembers a time when she got stung by a bee while gardening, so she put some baking soda paste on it and still went to class! All the teachers comment on Rita’s strong steady presence in the room, her amazing focus, and they love the questions she asks! Even teacher Frances noticed, “Rita is very reliable and comes to class no matter how she feels, and she doesn’t give up!”.

What would Rita do differently if she could go back and tell her new student self something? She said that she wished she had listened more at the beginning to the instructions and focused more on the alignment of the postures.

Life is different now for Rita since she began Bikram Yoga. Between her regular yoga practice and mindful food selections, she no longer has headaches or swollen feet. The heat and the stretching helps to relieve her tight skin (due to Scleroderma), joints and muscles. She is able to get in a great workout without the worry about getting cold and having numb fingers and toes. The spine strengthening postures are helping her back to feel better. Rita has days where at the start of class she wants to leave, but decides to make it through the 'warm up', and she usually feels better and is always glad she came to class.

Rita practices at both studios and you may have seen her behind the desk welcoming you at Farmington Hills. Be sure to give Rita a big congrats next time you see her on this amazing accomplishment!