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Farmington Hills, MI 48334

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Yearly Membership Sale is ON!

What happens when you fall in LOVE with Bikram Yoga and maintain a steady practice? "I love how each day after yoga I feel lighter, more flexible, freshly stretched, and emotionally responsive" ~ Claire Neely, Bikram Yoga Student 5x/week & Mother of 3 Boys Under 10 Read More


Summer Yoga Challenge 2016

What's the best way to keep your cool this summer? Sign up for Detroit Bikram's "Hot Summer Yoga Challenge" How does it work, you ask? YOU CHOOSE your own Challenge over a 60 day period... choose either 20, 30, 40 50 or 60 Classes over a 60 Day period. This gives you the freedom to take your summer vacations and stay cool with your hot yoga... Read More


Yoga On The River 2016

This event celebrates yoga, health, people, and community across Metro Detroit. All yoga practitioners are invited and welcome, regardless of level experience or background of yoga style. Enjoy the great company of hundreds of yogis from the Detroit Metro area. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Detroit Riverfront. Bring family, kids, and friends, even if they are brand new to yoga. Enjoy a great yoga class taught be experienced teachers, an Original Bikram Method 90 minute class with 26 postures & 2 breathing exercises. Read More


Summer Solstice Sale - 10 FREE Classes

Summer is around the corner! To celebrate our favorite season, this week we have our Summer Solstice Sale. This is the ideal membership for committed yogis with active lifestyles who want to keep Bikram Yoga in their weekly routine to maintain a healthy body and mind. 40 Classpack for $400 + 10 Free Classes Read More

Bikram "Lunch Express" 60 Minute Class

Does this photo look like you at the office? Instead of doing yoga on your desk, come to Bikram Yoga on your lunch break! Starting June 6th we offer an 11:30am "Lunch Express" 60 Minute Bikram Class at our Farmington Hills location, Monday through Friday.You can attend class this week for only $10 at the 11:30am express class, details below! Read More


Student Summer Special

ATTENTION Full-Time Students... Are you ready to enjoy Summer Break? De-stress From Exam Pressures. De-tox From The Partying. Improve Your Posture. Re-Balance Your Mind & Body. Move Your Body & Feel Your Best. 3 Months Unlimited ONLY $179... You Deserve This Massive Discount! Read More


10th Year Celebration Membership Sale

As of April 2016 we are in our 10th Year as a yoga community! THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed positive energy and inspiration to this yoga family. To celebrate our 10th Year we have a Limited Edition Yearly Membership for yoga students who are committed to their practice... 10th Year Limited Edition Yearly Membership... Only $900... that's $200 OFF of $1,100. 12 Months + One Extra Month. 13 Months of Unlimited Yoga plus BONUSES! Read More


Julie Finds Relief From Chronic Pain

I came out of the hospital on Vicodin, OxyContin and Morphine, along with nerve pain killers and a whole bunch more. I honestly don’t remember coming home. Medication might help with the pain but it is no quality of life. I was struggling emotionally and physically trying get off the pain meds. Now after 1 year of Bikram Yoga, I rarely take pain meds for my back now. All I have is a weekly pain patch. The pain patch is still necessary, at the moment, but because I have built so much core strength by practicing Bikram, I am starting to work with my doctor to get off the pain patch. I am living a normal life again. I can vacuum my house, cook on my feet for hours, (I love to cook, so this is great! I couldn’t do household chores or grocery shop for big items without help, I now can do these things again by myself, which is AWESOME, since I am single and live alone (lol). Read More


Pelvic Floor & Core Strengthening Workshop

Join us to learn about common prenatal and postnatal conditions such as diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles) and pelvic floor dysfunction. You don't have to pee every time you laugh or sneeze! Walk away with tools to continue to heal and build your confident body, inside and out. Read More


January Membership SALE

Fulfill on your 2016 Resolutions...Become a Member and practice Bikram Yoga every day! January 27th - 31st ONLY sign up for our Autopay Membership Sale. Read More