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Gavin Milner

In the same way yoga can be seen as a vehicle for unification through the balance of opposing forces, Gavin's approach to teaching is at times devotional and at others irreverent. You're likely to experience sprinklings of pre & post classical yogic philosophy, along with moments of mindful silence for personal introspection. Gavin has a knack for bridging the chasm between austere singular attentiveness and nonsensical silliness. His love for the practice shows in his ability to relay verbal and visual guidance in an accessible way to both new and seasoned practitioners, so you experience the next level of kinesthetic awareness and depth.
Gavin remarks "Presently, when I miss a practice, for whatever reason, I just don't feel quite myself. Practice allows me to destress from my work and my day, and lets me be more open and receptive to what comes my way."
Gavin's Bikram Yoga Teacher Certification: Fall 2003, Los Angeles

Gavin Milner is currently not instructing any classes.